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The AI revolution is here and is changing every Australian workplace and profession. Recognising how the applications of AI - machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing - can be utilised to enhance the customer experience and automate internal business processes is vital to the future success of every organisation.

The Summit will answer the following questions relevant to every business and institution today:

  • What tasks can AI perform today?  
  • What must my organisation do to implement AI?
  • What skills and resources will be needed to utilise AI?
  • What are the implications for my transformation strategy?

Our industry experts in the field of AI have all the insights into the applications, threats and future of AI. The keynotes and panels will better equip you with the knowledge to integrate the power of AI into your business.

You will also have the opportunity to network with your peers, share experiences, and develop connections that you can later use to build your company or expand your career horizons.



  • Industry Leaders
  • CEOs and c-suite executives (senior executive teams)
  • Investors and venture capital firms
  • Industry enablement managers (HR, recruitment, procurement, change, communications)
  • ICT professionals
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Associations (research, CSIRO, Data61)
  • Start-up founders and CEOs
  • Innovation ecosystem contributors (incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces)