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Blair Bryant is a Global Digital Advisor at Microsoft, where he works to ignite top global enterprises via strategy and digital innovation. His knowledge of ever-evolving technologies, including AI, big data, IoT, machine learning and Azure cloud solutions, gives him the background to open up the opportunities that are core to implementation.

Blair is also the CEO of Arcadia Pacific, a values-driven private digital transformation firm working with global Fortune 500 CEOs, senior leadership teams and boards. In this role, he has worked closely with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, Porsche Design and McKinsey.

Blair has a significant business background in global first-tier professional services, executive management and high-growth technology company leadership. He has previously worked at McKinsey, PwC and Morgan Stanley. Blair holds bachelors of Science and Business Administration and Engineering at the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.