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A unique opportunity to meet a key executive.


How It Works:

01 | Buy A Summit Ticket Or Premium Table.

02 | You Then Get Free Access For Six Months To The Meetmagic Platform.

03 | From That Platform, Select The Key Executives You Would Like To Meet.

04 | Meetmagic Will Arrange That Meeting For A Fee Of $1000, Half Of Which Is Donated To The Tech Girls Movement.

05 | That Meeting Can Be Either At The Digital Ai Summit Or At A Later Date.


Here Is Just A Sample Of The C-Level Executives You Can Meet. Note All These Executives Will Be Attending The Digital AI Summit. 


Tech Girls are SuperHeroes


Book A One-On-One Meeting And $500 Of Your Fee Is Donated To This Worthy Charity.

The Goal Of The Tech Girls Movement Is To Engage 10,000 Girls Directly In Their *STEM Entrepreneur- Ship Program By 2020. The Not-For-Profit Organisation Exists To Give Girls Access To Technology And Programs To Build Their Skills And Confidence.

The Tech Girls Movement Offers Girls The Opportunity To Meet With Real-Life Female Role Models - Women Working In STEM, As Mentors And Superheroes Featured In The Tech Girls Are Superheroes Books. 

The Company Inspires Young Women To Solve Important Community Problems With Technology, Skills And Business Acumen Through Their Annual Online Search For The Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition.

The Group Also Runs Hands-On Workshops For Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Electronics And More. The Founder & CEO Of The Tech Girls Movement, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, Advocates For Diversity And Inclusion Through Public Speaking Engagements.

*Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics