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Cyber AI Response

Embedding AI in your enterprise to fight back against advanced attacks – before they do damage


Hear from Monash University experts about how AI and Data Science can change the world for social good.


Podcast: How is AI, data and technology used in crime and what can we do about it?

Experts from Monash University – home of Monash Data Futures – explore the ways in which technology can both facilitate and prevent crime in this exclusive podcast.

Hosted by Associate Professor Alan Dorin (IT), Monash experts including Professor Liz Campbell (Law)Associate Professor Asher Flynn (Arts) and Dr Campbell Wilson (IT) discuss the impact of technology in crime – including the ethical implications of face recognition and policing; image-based abuse and Facebook; and a deep dive into the dark web.

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Video: The Impact Of Change AI Data Science

There’s clear potential for AI and data science to positively impact the world. But there are also risks that AI will exaggerate society’s existing biases, prejudices and inequities. At Monash Data Futures see how we are exploring AI and Data Science to help change the world for the better.



Video: The Impact Of Change AI Data Science

Monash University and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have joined forces to launch an initiative designed to help officers scan through thousands of confronting images and files faster with lower levels of emotional distress. This Australia-first lab, supported by $2.5 million in funding, is part of the new Monash Data Futures initiative that will train and empower the next generation of scientists to use artificial intelligence and data science for social good.


The Innovation Series

Join us on a journey through 'The Innovation Series' as we cover the four main breakthroughs of Soul Machines, highlighting our key technological advancements and how these capabilities will revolutionize the human-machine experience.


00 The Innovation Series : Overview

Join us on a journey through 'The Innovation Series' as we cover the four main breakthroughs of Soul Machines, highlighting our key technological advancements and how these capabilities will revolutionize the human-machine experience.


01 The Digital Brain : Soul Engine Powering a Human OSTM

Take a look behind the face as we dive into the digital brain to explore why this unique breakthrough is so instrumental to Soul Machines core technology. In this episode, we share how the digital brain gives our digital humans the ability to sense, learn, make decisions and communicate interactively in real-time in a way that feels alive and engaging.


02 Autonomous Animation : A Taxonomy Tour

At Soul Machines we’ve built the world’s first digital brain to autonomously animate digital characters in real time. We believe our industry needs a clear taxonomy for autonomous animation to differentiate between the real and the fake. Join us as we take you on a level by level tour of this taxonomy and how our state-of-the art approach to animation is on an exciting trajectory that will reach far higher levels than any other technology company.


03 The Hyper-Real Experience : Pushing the Boundaries

Soul Machines is pushing the boundaries to develop hyper-real digital humans with unparalleled quality and impact. In this episode, we take a deeper look at the key components that create this truly innovative experience from the high-fidelity features through to crafting engaging personalities


04 Digital DNATM Studio : Personalization at Scale

With the arrival of Soul Machines Digital DNATM, gone are the lengthy and costly traditional animation methods of animation. Now we can create and personalise unique, hyper-real digital humans rapidly and at scale. So take a look at this jaw-dropping technology as it crafts individualised digital humans and how the Digital DNATM Studio is driving new ways to communicate, collaborate and co-operate.


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Disrupted: Free Excerpt

Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change is a guidebook to the exponential era and a toolbox for proactively leveraging this change. Disrupted helps readers to understand the kind of “strategic thinking” that allow teams and leaders to confidently pursue opportunities with a shared strategic language, and a methodology designed for agile execution at all levels of their organisation.


We are in the early days of understanding AI, so we must assume that Digital AI Summit delegates are a broad mix of enthusiasts at a variety of levels of AI understanding, adoption and experience. There will be some who know all there is to know about AI (the drivers), those that are actively into AI and applying it (the doers) and those, like us at Resilient Futures, who are applying the foresight required to ‘bit by bit’ leverage AI and not be disrupted by AI  – the dark knights.

While the drivers and doers are easily explained, the dark knights are those among us who are still seeking more to think about and learn before they dive in - boots and all. After all, AI is not just technology. For humans, AI is a life and work defining paradigm and once we fully enter that space it will be hard to leave and even harder to start over.


AI isn't the future... it's here

AI shapes our lives, informing what we watch, purchase, and learn. AI patrols our beaches to save lives, drives improvements in IVF, and helps businesses reach their customers in new ways. It is no longer about when AI will arrive; our lives are already impacted by this technology every day. How will Australia respond? Will we be reliant on importing AI from overseas, or will we foster our own ecosystem to harness the benefits of creating, managing, and applying AI solutions?

Need a solution that's more custom than what the big AI platforms can provide?

Highlighter gives you the freedom to focus on Machine Learning and AI rather than the supporting software. It takes care of the infrastructure, allowing you to develop and deploy custom machine learning models in an efficient and cost-effective way. Highlighter provides a seamless interface to label images and train models, that can then be deployed via an API for inference into production. Progressive improvement of the labelling processes feedback loop.


Looking for your next role?

This guide contains tips on how you can spruce up your LinkedIn profile and resume, and interview insights so you can put your best foot forward. 


Cast Solutions x Digital AI Summit

If you didn’t get a chance to come over to our exhibition, Cast Solutions help our clients adopt the latest in industry-leading, innovative technologies, helping you to realise transformative cost savings, efficiency, productivity and business performance and growth.


Committee for Melbourne brings together over 150 organisations from business, academic and community sectors to shape a better future for Melbourne.


The Committee’s membership represents Melbourne’s premier business and community leaders. Together, we focus on four key areas to support Melbourne’s future growth and prosperity: Future economy, infrastructure, urban optimisation, and liveability.


Meet Raine - The Smart Electric Scooter


Raine was created right here in Melbourne by three passionate entrepreneurs – James Murphy, Marc Alexander and Digital AI Summit MC Michelle Mannering. The trio wanted to innovate travel and bring adventure (and fun) to transport and so the Raine One was born. With a 40km range, top speed of 50km/h and 2-hour fast charge it’s one of the most exciting, safe and innovative scooters around.


AI Enabled Digital Experiences


Okkular Chronicles


We help you boost sales by creating an enhanced product catalogue and effortless product discovery using Ai.