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Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

- Plenary 3





Dr Amanda Caples | Victorian Government

Michelle Mannering | Mish Manners





Larry Quick & David Platt | Resilient Futures


The current state of AI, its impact on business and people - from current BAU applications, and future applications.





Ben Hanna | Soul Machines


Ben Hanna & "Lia” a Soul Machines Digital Human will explore the future of AI, Machines and Digital experiences, and how leading innovators and brands are using Human AI to to communicate, collaborate and cooperate like never before.






Cheryl George | CSIRO Data 61

Jacqui Savage | MedCorp Technologies

Rohan Raghavan | EY

Clive Dwyer | Committee for Melbourne


We need a 'whole of government - whole of community' approach to artificial intelligence & courageous leadership in board rooms government, where risk aversion, short-term interests, and targets dominate.





Scott Wilson | Wilson A.I.


AI & Consumer Behaviour | Retail Case Study

Retail is not getting any easier and shoppers are becoming savvier and their expectations of customer experience are increasing at an exponential rate. How are the leading global retailers addressing this challenge? Through Anonymous Shopper Behavioural Video Analytics.

Wilson A.I. helps you understand your business like never before with real-time, 24/7 insights that will change the way you reach & engage with your customers. Know how your customers are emotionally responding in store, dynamically target advertising, understand your customer's foot traffic, demographics, behaviour, emotions and effectiveness all at once.

Anonymous video facial analysis AI is the only way to really understand your customer's behaviour in real-time and develop laser-focused sales and marketing strategies. Analyse the behaviour of buyers and non-buyers, study the purchase funnel down to an individual product.




Break Time:






Dr Terry Sweeney PhD, CMG| IBM Watson Health


The vast majority of data that exists today was only created in the last two years. By next year, healthcare data will double every 73 days. Data is the new oil. This growing body of data may hold the answers to some of the worlds most pressing health challenges, and could be the key to us living healthier lives. The sheer volume and variety of data can be overwhelming to most organisations' ability to make sense of it; the modern day paradox of too much data and too little insight.

Technology is changing the world. The pace of innovation in technology can be dizzying, but new technology such as AI and Machine Learning can gain insights from the data that humans alone cannot. In healthcare, we are using this technology to augment human intelligence, not replace it. A new partnership between humanity and technology will revolutionise industries.

In healthcare, AI will help to achieve remarkable outcomes, accelerate discovery, unearth essential connections and heighten the confidence in the decisions we make.





Lee Hickin | Microsoft Australia


“In this session, Lee Hickin (Microsoft Australia CTO) will talk to the way in which Microsoft has embraced AI in its business, its products and its core mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet to do more. Every walk of life is being fundamentally shaped by digital technology. It’s happening in our homes, in our work, in our places of entertainment – and in every industry from precision agriculture to precision medicine. At Microsoft, we want to build trust, not just at a technology level, but at a business model level, in a world where every business is a digital business. In this session you will hear about both the opportunity in front of us all to embrace AI and build digital futures as well as learn about the responsibility that comes with the transformative effect of AI”.





Jarryd Pagonis | Darktrace


The cyber-threat landscape is changing. In addition to high-speed attacks, today’s most sophisticated threat-actors are playing a longer game – one that is silent and stealthy. Their objective is to disrupt operations, undermine trust, or simply learn trade secrets by going undetected inside networks. 

Digital environments are changing too. Increasing digitisation, the surge of IoT devices, and the cloud mean that network boundaries are more porous than ever. Securing the perimeter simply isn’t possible. 

To defend against threats that are continually evolving, tomorrow’s cyber security must go beyond looking for yesterday’s attacker – it must find what it doesn’t know to look for. AI technologies have led to the emergence of self-learning, self-defending networks that achieve this – detecting and autonomously responding to in-progress attacks in real time. These cyber immune systems enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, can counter even machine-speed threats, and work in all environments, including the cloud.

In this session, learn about:

• Navigating new types of cyber-threats, including weaponized AI

• Overcoming the limitations of the legacy approaches to information security

• Adopting an ‘immune system’ model for cyber security, powered by machine learning

• The power of AI to fight back autonomously against in-progress attacks

• Real-world cyber-threats thwarted by machine learning, including IoT hacks and stealthy insider threats





Mitchell Price | Lime

Alice Sidhu | LIVLAB

Mike Wang | Deep Recognition




Break time:

Networking, Food & Interactive Spaces





Michael Scheelhardt | Oracle


We are living in a world that AI is already part of our everyday lives. Understanding and leveraging AI is becoming a key way for enterprise to stay competitive. We will take you through from the basic of AI, how enterprise can start utilizing AI and AI applications in delivering a better digital experience. We will discuss how AI can be used in building digital assistant, omni channel applications, classifying digital asset and personalising digital experience.

We will also share with you a more effective ModelOps approach for enterprise to build AI model.






Nattapat Kun Thanesvorakul | RISE


RISE is a Leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, based in SEA with the vision to expand globally to lift up 1% of GDP of every country we operate. RISE works with corporates and governments in the region to become more innovative in the faster future through our unique corporate accelerator, intrapreneur programs, and venture building services. Today, we are the largest corporate innovation powerhouse in SEA with 2,000 trained c-level and executives, 100+ regional corporate clients and 1,000+ startup alumni as of 2018.

RISE (“RISE.AI”, Southeast Asia’s First Corporate AI Accelerator program) CEO- Co Founder Dr Kid (Supachai Kid Parchariyanon)  Thailand, vis Austrade



Susie Sheldrick | Silverpond


Silverpond is a machine learning and AI company based in Melbourne, Australia. We help our clients adopt machine learning technology to automate inspections, diagnosis and audits within their operations. Through our Highlighter product, our enterprise clients across mining, energy and asset management, as well as retail and healthcare are reducing costs and improving the consistency in their processes.

Silverpond has actively promoted the Artificial Intelligence Industry over the past six years, by organizing and supporting grassroots meetups, local events and conferences. We work with state and federal governments to foster the industry, and have done so through the establishment of an AI hub, and working on the development of responsible AI systems through our founding membership in Responsible AI. We run Deep Learning workshops to develop local skills and capability.





David Mckeague | Curious Thing


The presentation covers the emergence of a new AI category of solutions which unlocks people operations for the Future Enterprise. The shift of the enterprise from the old world to the new world. From a very functional organisation to an organisation which is based upon teamwork, adaptability, initiative and grit.

Silicon Valley tech startups are now shifting towards data driven hiring. How to consistently interview candidates and use this information to inform the hiring process. We will cover how major use cases where AI impacts the way we manage the organisation: Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Culture and Moneyball.

Curious Thing is the leader in Conversational Learning and redefines People Operations through AI.





Stephen Coffey | Ericsson Australia

Geoff Brimm | NxT5 Advisors - Consultant Telstra


Mohammad Chowdhury| PwC Australia

Larry Quick | Resilient Futures


The evolution of broadband and advanced computing has seen the Internet, the Web and Mobility come to life in extraordinary ways.

Real-time complex and secure transactions, audio and video streaming and geo-location are but a few of the baseline digital infrastructures on which we have come to rely.

Now, we are well into the commercial and domestic adoption of the convergence of AI, machine and deep learning, IoT, automation, Blockchain, Big Data, AR/VR, additive manufacturing that will leverage faster broadband in ways we are yet to imagined.

5G is the next wave of mobile broadband set to deploy globally in the near future, and it is seen as an immense game-changer.

In this panel we will start by exploring:

  • What is 5G?

  • What will the benefits of 5G be over 4G?

  • Is there a downside to 5G?

  • What type services we can expect - B2B and B2C?

  • When can we expect roll out in Australia?





David Platt | Resilient Futures





Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo | University of Oxford and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a new technology that requires regulation. It is a powerful force that is reshaping daily practices, personal and professional interactions, and environments. For the well-being of humanity it is crucial that this power is used as a force of good. In this talk, I will analyse the main ethical risks and opportunities (challenges) that AI poses to our societies and describe how ethics can inform governance and policy process to mitigate the risks and harness the many opportunities that AI poses to individual and environmental well-being and the welfare of our societies.




Michelle Mannering | Mish Manners